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FANTOM is an international research consortium established by Dr. Hayashizaki and his colleagues in 2000 to assign functional annotations to the full-length cDNAs that were collected during the Mouse Encyclopedia Project at RIKEN. FANTOM has since developed and expanded over time to encompass the fields of transcriptome analysis.

The pilot provides a solution for enriching TicketScript data with web-scraped features; a set of prototype modules predicting event ticket sales from TicketScript+enriched features or from TicketScript data only; and the prototype web interface “EDM-Mart Dashboard” for interactive construction of the line-up lists.


SEQC2 is the FDA-led community-wide Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) consortium efforts to develop best practices with recommended standard analysis protocols and quality control metrics for whole genome sequencing and target gene sequencing technologies that will support regulatory science research and precision medicine.

DataExpress is a web BI dashboard system developed for Unifarm S.p.a., a consortium of about 700 pharmacies providing services as stocking, distribution logistics, commercial support and promotional actions. Unifarm collects the sell-in/out data coming from different pharmacy's ERP softwares, thus generating a harmonized data stream.

Fit to Perform, is a High Impact Activity of the Innovation Action Line Health and Wellbeing. Fit to Perform will improve the health of drivers, makes driving more efficient, and increases the road safety. In this activity, representative partners from the transport value chain work together. The aim is to further develop ICT solutions for risk-prone professionals and individuals based on cardio-respiratory and motion sensing to make professional driving a healthier and safer occupation. The partners work together on site in the Co-location Centres in London and Eindhoven.

The aim of this industrial Research Program is the development of bioinformatic tools able to provide a broader insight into the mechanisms of an important autoimmune disorder and to identify patterns of treatment response.

The ambition of this project is bringing to market an innovative big data analytics service for customer-consumer retail organizations that will enable strategic marketing and individual retailers to analyze in a single dashboard all their most crucial omnichannel data, flexibly optimizing category management in response to consumers’ behavior, at multiple scales in space and adaptive to market seasonality.