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1 grant funded by Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) on the topic “Predictive networks methods for functional metagenomics”.

News date: 
Monday, 22 July, 2013

The University of Trento, Italy, announces the selection of 10 doctoral positions, 10 scholarships. Applications are accepted from candidates regardless of gender, age and nationality who have a Master’s degree.

The candidate will develop original research on the integration of machine learning and network medicine methods within a state-of-art bioinformatics framework for the quantitative analysis of microbial communities of clinical interest. In particular, network-based methods  for functional metagenomics studies will be applied to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).  

The research will be developed in the context of national and international collaborations with leading research centres. Please note that a mandatory period of 6 months in a collaborating lab abroad will be part of the PhD curriculum.

In the thesis research, we aim to introduce for metagenomics a new graph-based approach derived from the differential network  framework. Co-occurrence networks can be differently constructed from cohorts corresponding to different phenotype descriptors (e.g. case-control studies) in terms of the novel Maximum Information Coefficient (MIC)  (Reshef et al 2011, Albanese et al 2013); following Barabasi's "network medicine" paradigm, we aim to compare the structure of the microbiome networks and obtain discriminant network features.  To exemplify, the new approach can be applied on microbial community data induced by diet diversity (standard Western vs low fat) in mice (Turnbaugh et al 2009, Reshef et al 2011). 

Candidates may pre-enquire by sending a cv to dr. Cesare Furlanello ( )   

Please apply exclusively online at
If interested in the above reserved scholarship, please remember to express your interest in the online application.

The areas of interest of the PhD program include:
- Biochemistry
- Bioinformatics
- Cancer Genomics
- Computational Biology
- Developmental Biology
- Genetics
- Lipidomics and Biomembranes
- Metabolomics and metabolic Imaging
- Microbial Genomics
- Molecular and Cellular Biology
- Molecular Vaccinology
- Molecular Virology
- Nanobiotechnology
- Neurobiology
- Organic Chemistry
- Structural Biology
- Synthetic Biology
- Systems Biology

Length of the PhD program: 3 years
Official language: English